“The Technical Assistance for Soft Skills” (TASS) project (2016-2019) funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, is a three year education development project which aims at enhancing quality and relevance of general education by further supporting the integration of soft skills in general school system. With its activities TASS project aims at improving employability of all students, including girls and disadvantages, and meeting the demands of the world of work. TASS project is the second phase of the project “The TEVT Soft Skills” (TSSP) (2012-2016), which works under the Planning Division of the Ministry of Education. TASS project provides both international and national expertise to strengthen the capacities of central and district level education agencies to implement soft skills related program activities effectively.

Cooperation Skills
  • Internal-personal Skills
  • Intercultural Skills
  • Cultural Skills/ethics
Personal Skills
  • Responsibility and Commitment
  • Self-Esteem
  • Integrity/honesty
  • Self-Management
Innovative Skills
  • Innovation
  • Basic Electronic Communication
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communication and Collaboration
Thinking Skills
  • Information Management
  • Learning Skills
  • Creative Thinking