Organization Of TASS

Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal is the executing agency for TASS project.  Ministry of Education has instituted a Steering Committee and Management Committee to oversee and run the TASS project.   

The Steering Committee oversees the overall management of the Project, and is responsible for the approval of annual work plans, budgets, and reports.  The secretary of the Ministry of Education chairs the Steering Committee meeting.

The Management Committee will meet whenever necessary, and is primarily responsible for the smooth running of the project, taking decisions on the issues related to project implementation such as approving TORs for short term experts.  The Joint secretary of the planning division of the Ministry of Eductaion chairs the Management Committee meeting.

The Technical Coordination Committee consists of the focal persons from the implementing central line agencies – DOE, CDC and NCED. It coordinates and supports the implementation of the project activities among the agencies in implementing the activities under each component.  The

There is a District Coordination Team (DCT) in each of the pilot districts. It is responsible of coordinating, supporting, implementing , monitoring and reporting  the project activities at the district and school levels.