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Feasibility Study on Students Counseling

During the TASS project a feasibility study on the student's career guidance and counseling will be carried out in coordination with Department of Education (DOE). The study aims at finding out the roadmap of implementing student counseling in schools. It also identifies the future modalities of school counseling in the districts.
Based on the field study results, TASS is going to implement school counseling in one of the pilot districts. The project will develop a school counseling resource material and orientate the selected teachers in school counseling principles and practices. The trained teachers will practice counseling in their schools and will be supported and monitored by TASS project. A counseling help desk or separate counseling room will be established in the pilot schools.

Capacity Development on Students Counseling

TASS project will implement a two day training programme in school counseling for the personnel in the Department of Education (DOE). The training will equip the personnel to design, implement and monitor schools counseling activities in the districts and at schools.

Policy Development in School Counseling

The government of Nepal is planning to develop a school counseling policy and service modality for the Nepalese education system in the coming years. TASS project will assist the Department of Education (DOE) in formulating school counseling policy.