Curriculum Development
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Technical Assistance in Revising Curricula

TASS project assists the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) in revising the curricula for the grades 1- 3 in basic education, and later on for the grades 4-5. The project will provide a specific input in guiding how to ensure the soft skills development of students in the curriculum. CDC is going to revise early grade curriculum in line with integrated approach. For this, TASS project is technically supporting CDC by conducting capacity building trainings for CDC staff, subject committee members and textbook and teacher's guide writers. TASS will also provide assistance to the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) to develop the curricula of the optional subjects in grades 9-10 and other subjects in grades 6-8 incorporating soft skills.

Textbooks, Teacher's Guides and other Learning Materials

TASS project also offers training and support for the subject experts and the groups of textbooks and teachers’ guide writers to write textbooks, teachers’ guides and other learning materials in line with the new curricula.

There is a provision of developing local curricula as a subject or part of a subject at the local level.  In this regard, TASS develops the district level personnel's capacity to develop local curriculum and materials by providing training in it.