Teacher Training
Event Date: 2017-04-21 / -


TASS offers capacity building program for teacher trainers in designing well-structured training courses and manual incorporating soft skill. It also conducts soft skill based teacher training for the teachers in 80 IP schools. It has also introduced school based teacher training. For this, it has developed teacher training course, manual and trainee resource materials which will be main streamed in NCED training system later.

Material Development

Likewise, the project has program to develop teacher support materials such as Audio and Audio-Visual Materials, teachers' hand book and other materials.

Training Teachers for the implementation of Integrated Curriculum

Once the integrated curriculum for the grades 1-3 is developed, the teachers need to be trained for its effective implementation. TASS project will assist to develop the capacity of NCED, ETC and LRC trainers for conducting ToT. Also training courses, training materials and handbook will be developed to support teachers to teach based on the new curriculum.